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Our Services

CommerceLab takes pride in being mobile app specialists. CommerceLab offers our clients services from their initial mobile app idea all the way until the finished product end to end. Our full service spectrum includes:



-Graphic design

-UX/UI design


-Quality assurance

-Publishing the app

-Post-publishing support


Trip Planner mobile app

CommerceLab helped The Works Sydney to build the world's first video itinerary planner app for Visit Canberra.

The Locker mobile app

CommerceLab has helped Marcel Sydney build an app for Footlocker so that sneaker manias can browse and reserve new releases.

Stashd mobile app

CommerceLab has developed a mobile app for Stashd which delivers a carefully curated collection of fashion pieces from the finest boutiques.

Call Design ME mobile app

 CommerceLab has developed the Me app for Call Design to bring scheduling power of Aspect Workforce Management to iOS/Android devices. 

Our Process

We are committed to bringing your idea into a digital product. We develop outstanding apps that meet our clients' objectives and reach the hearts of users. The first consultation is always free.


Mobile Experts

Our experience and expertise gives us a comprehensive understanding of business, technology, and how to bring the two together. CommerceLab provides solutions to enable companies of all sizes to utilise the latest technologies to streamline their processes and maximise profits.

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 Based in Sydney, we bring app development solutions for eCommerce to businesses across Australia.