Visit Canberra Trip planner app

CommerceLab x The Works Sydney

One Good Thing After Another is the creative platform central to VisitCanberra’s marketing activity. One Good Thing After Another aims to bring Canberra's main visiting sites and major events to life in an engaging and vibrant way. The main focus of this long-term campaign is to allows visitors view Canberra’s great diversity of visitor experiences and their close proximity to one another.

In 2017, CommerceLab teamed up with The Works Sydney to create a video itinerary planner app for VisitCanberra. The app allows visitors to create a personalised movie trailer of their perfect day using existing mini clips found within the app. This video can then be shared with friends and family. 

The app allows features such as:

· Creating a custom Canberra itinerary
· Picking from five existing trips or starting from scratch
· Choosing from over 100 mini moments of footage
· Editing, deleting and reordering the itinerary
· Watching your very own personalised trailer and sharing it with friends and family

When it comes to Canberra, it’s one good thing after another – so plan your trip with Canberra’s official video itinerary planner app today. Choose from over 100 mini moments to create a personalised movie trailer of your perfect visit.

Download the Visit Canberra Trip Planner app on: Itunes store or Google App store.

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