Q&A What is a MVP Minimum Viable Product? If you have been browsing the web and doing some research on creating a mobile app, you may have come across the acronym MVP. MVP is short for Minimum Viable Product and can be defined as a fully functioning app with only the bare minimum features to serve its purpose.  Eric Ries, the Author of Lean Startup, who first coined the te ...

Q&A Freelancer vs Development company? You have a great app idea for your business or your weekend side project. Now what? Ok so you have jotted down some ideas but you just don’t know how to flesh it out on the page. So you do some research online and you document your creative ideas. Ok that’s a great start! You create a personal or business budget and now you are re ...

Q&A What are the advantages of a mobile app over a mobile website? Well first things first, websites and apps may serve different purposes. If this is the case, then we are comparing apples to oranges. So the short answer to whether you should develop a mobile app or a website will ultimately depend on your end goal. Before we go any further let’s make things really clea ...

One of the most popular words being thrown around the digital world is the term UX. Here is a quick gateway into what UX is and why it is important to anyone considering making a business website or mobile app.

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